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Site & Drainage Plans

Here at Performance Engineers, Inc., we handle every project we oversee very carefully. We look at each site from all angles to determine the best possible scenarios that fit with our client's budget, ideas, and goals. We have a team ready and willing to do on site visits and perform inspections to ensure successful site and drainage planning. 

Some recent examples could be found at:

- Hayes Township Park (Camp Seagull)

- Peppervine Community, Charlevoix

- Krist Oil Gas Stations, Charlevoix (Pictured above)

- Northern Explorers Childcare, Charlevoix

- Front Porch Cafe, Ellsworth

With our multi-disciplined professional staff, we assemble strong, project-specific talent to address the exact needs of a given community.

(Peppervine Community Site, Charlevoix, MI)

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