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Infrastructure Design

Above and under every town and city lies hidden and visible infrastructure that maintains thriving communities. Here at Performance Engineers, Inc. we keep this in mind and work closely with our clients to make wise and calculated decisions about how we plan infrastructure designs. 

Communities and their needs are constantly changing. As an engineering firm, we keep up to date with advancing technologies and resources that will improve the performance of every street, sewer system, drainage system, water system, and community as a whole.


We were the lead design team for multiple City of Charlevoix Infrastructure improvements. Recent projects include streets near Downtown Charlevoix, and residential streets and utilities around the Chicago Club Community.

Below is an example of a main road intersection near Downtown Charlevoix, MI, that Performance Engineers, Inc. designed. You can see the before and the after videos detailing the precision and focus we put into every project. 



Antrim St. (Before)

Antrim St. (Before)

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Antrim St. (After)

Antrim St. (After)

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